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Andy's Story
Andy at 10 weeks

Trent and I had been talking about getting a family dog for a while. We have Maggie, his English Walker Coon hound, but she was not really a "family" dog. She lived her whole life outside, born to hunt. She's starting to get older now, and we don't expect but a few more good years for her.We mulled over the idea of a Rottweilier, a Golden Retriever, and also a Saint Bernard. The more we talked about it, the more against it Trent was, (or so I thought). We had a Miniature Pinscher at one time, when Trent's oldest daughter Cassie moved in with us, she brought Jade with her. We had one problem after another with Jade, and she never really seemed to fit into our family. The biggest problem we had was her biting our young daughter, Skylar. The other problem was that we never could really go on vacations or because we had Jade, who we couldn't get housebroken. We ended up giving her to some friends, who kept her for a while, until they were visiting family in Pittsburgh and Jade ran off. Later she was found, living with a family who had several min-pins. Since she was happy, we let her stay.

In the end, we had decided against getting a dog now, that we would wait a year or so. That is where we stood (or so I thought) that afternoon, when Trent came home early from the job. I had just gotten back from taking Trent's oldest daughter, Cassie, to her grandmother's for a few days before school started. Trent asked me if I wanted to ride along with him to look at a job. I agreed, heck, it was better than staying at home doing nothing. So I got Skylar, and loaded her sleeping body into the Blazer and we were off. He was looking at the newspaper, where he had directions to the "job. It wasn't really unusual for him to have things written all over a newspaper or other scrap of paper. Often times that is the only thing he has to write on for last minute directions or information. I just rode along, of course asking him all about this job. He was really quiet about it, never really fully answering my questions. Oh welL, I thought, he's just in one of those moods.

We drove back a dirt lane, and I saw a house that was half finished. It was an Amish family, and they were building a new, bigger house. We pulled into their front yard (I can't really say driveway because they don't drive), and all of a sudden, TONS of Saint puppies (ok, not tons, but still, 6 or 7) came bounding from around the back of the small house where the family was staying. Their mom followed behind. I thought, let him look at a stupid job, I am playing with these puppies, and he can do what he needs to do. I was a little upset that Sky was still sleeping, 'cause she LOVES animals of all kinds.

I got out and immediately went to the mom, who is named Bess, according to the Amish children. She was so sweet! Poor thing looked ragged and tired from all the puppies playing around her. I think I would be too, with all those babies! Meanwhile, Trent had gotten out and was talking with the husband. I didn't pay attention before to what they were saying, but when I heard "Are you the one that called about the pups? my ears perked up. I finally figured it out, Trent had decided to get us a puppy, and surprised me with it to boot! (He's never been one for surprises).

Trent said later that as soon as he saw Andy, he knew he was the one he wanted, but at the time, we played with them all. They were so sweet and playful! As Trent was making his decision, the dad, Amos, came out from under the house. WOW, he was one of the biggest Saints I have ever seen! And BEAUTIFUL! Trent had picked up another pup and lost his balance. When he adjusted to regain it (he was kneeling down), there was a huge head and tongue checking him out. Thankfully, we had Amos's approval, along with Bess's. We chose Andy, who is a spitting image of his daddy. I had to call the contact person later on to find out his exact age, because in the excitement, I totally forgot to ask, and Trent usually leaves that stuff up to me. He says I ask too many questions...but I was so awe-struck, it totally slipped my mind!

As it turns out, Andy was born on June 24, 2005, which is Trent's son Matt's birthday. We thought that was pretty cool, so we kidded Matt that he wasn't getting any presents because Andy's 1st birthday was more important than his...(of course it's a joke, but it sure is setting a good story-line and plot for a surprise party for Matt next year!!)

We are all so attached to Andy, Trent and I the most though. He's the smartest and sweetest puppy we have ever had. He was potty-trained in less than 2 days. I wish Skylar would catch on that quick! He also learned to sit and shake in less than an hour. That pup will do anything for a treat! The other day, he let us in on the secret that he does know how to play fetch. Granted, it only lasts a few throws, until he has to take a cat-nap to regain some energy :-) We all love our Andy, and hope & pray that he'll live a long and happy life with us.

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About Us

Shanna & Andy My name is Shanna. I am 25, and a mother to a wonderful daughter, Skylar. I am originally from DuBois, PA, which is close to Punxsutawney, PA. You know, where the ground hog lives. . . I never did get to finish college, as I didn't have the money to. Someday, I plan on finishing, just to say I did it.

Trent is almost 33 and is Sky's daddy, along with his other 2 children, Cassandra and Matthew. He works as a roofer, and a darn good one I might add. I met Trent 4 years ago when I was celebrating my belated 21st birthday with some friends from work. I was a junior in college here in Chambersburg, PA, where we still live. Trent was singing karaoke at the last bar that we went to. He was actually singing Tim McGraw's Don't Take the Girl when we walked in the door. Long story short, he ended up asking me for my number, and you know the rest. We have been together ever since.Trent & Andy

Cassie is 13 and in 8th grade. She lives with us for 2 weeks and then back with her mom for 2 weeks. Interesting, huh??Cassie-7th grade

Matt, 2nd grade Matt is 8, and he's in 2nd grade. He should have been named Trent Jr, because that's what he is. Trent's clone. He lives with his mom and visits us every other weekend.

Skylar is a 2 year old spoiled turkey. She's just now going through the terrible 2's, something that I was hoping she would have passed. Unfortunately, she's got it bad. But we all still love her to death, I think. She's been called Mary-Kate & Ashley Olson's twin...and she really does look like them when they played on Full House as Michelle. Strange.... Skylar, being a ham

Squirt Along with the humans in our family, we have several critters. There is Squirt, the 7 year old, 17 pound, orange tabby cat, who really does detest Andy, in spite of Andy's insistent requests for friendship. Thankfully, Squirt has been declawed for the majority of his life, so Andy just gets away with a few punches, hisses, & nasty looks, and that is the end of it.

There's also Maggie, the coon hound, who is 9 years old. She's Trent's registered English Walker, and in her prime she was an AWESOME coon hunter. She's a sweetheart too, but she was never housebroken, so she cannot live inside. Andy and Maggie get along pretty good, until Andy tries some of her dinner. Then Maggie shows him who's the boss.

Oh, wait; let's not forget our finned-friends. There's Nemo, the clown fish; Bloo, the blue devil damsel; and Black Fiffy, the 3-stripe damsel. They are all inhabitants of the saltwater tank we have. There's a handful of snails, a scarlet hermit, and 2 horseshoe crabs in there too.

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Andy's Pictures

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